Parent company cash flow statement (FAS)


 EUR thousand

Cash flow from operating activities  
Profit for the period4,1814,250
Planned depreciations5,4084,192
Unrealized exchange gains and losses-548-145
Other incomes and expenses, not paid0-242
Finance income and expenses-1,304-1,279
Income taxes1,7392,353
Total adjustments5,2944,879
Working capital changes-6,4974,586
Cash flow from operating activities before financial
items and taxes
Interest paid-1-285
Interest received1,3221,605
Other financial items in operating activities-142-107
Income taxes paid-2,285-2,998
Net cash from operating activities1,87311,929
Cash flow from investing activities  
Purchase of tangible and intangible assets-10,090-5,447
Acquired subsidiaries-9,2750
Granted loans-18,233-275
Repayments of loan receivables0480
Net cash used in investing activities-37,598-5,241
Cash flow before financing activities-35,7246,688
Cash flow from investing activities  
Share issue028,063
Purchase of own shares-9630
Proceeds from borrowings15,9800
Repayments of borrowings0-3,550
Dividends paid-5,278-5,120
Net cash used in financing activities9,73919,393
Net change in cash and cash equivalents-25,98626,081
Cash and cash equivalents according to 
balance sheet
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of period32,1506,069
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of period6,16432,150