The number of Basware personnel increased by 241 during the year, totaling 1 423 at the end of 2012. The number of personnel increased the most in India during the year. New employees also joined Basware in the acquisition of the German e-Invoicing operator First Businesspost GmbH.

The share of personnel working in foreign units increased compared with the previous year. At the end of the period, 64.4 percent of Basware personnel worked outside of Finland and 35.6 percent in Finland. 11.3 percent of the personnel worked in sales and marketing, 57.8 in consulting and services, 24.7 percent in research and development, and 6.2 percent in administration. The average age of employees was 34.0 years. Of the employees, 24.3 percent had a Master's degree and 29.6 percent have a Bachelor's degree. Women accounted for 22.8 percent of employees, men for 77.2 percent.

Personnel behind the strategy of accelerated growth

Personnel recruitment and competence was refocused to support Basware’s transition process from a software company to a service company. This has required focusing on proprietary products, their development to use by companies of all sizes and carefully segmented marketing in all of our market areas while developing the customer service models. The development of the company’s profitability is particularly based on the adoption of a scalable sales and delivery model and developing a global efficient service production network. Towards the end of the year, much attention was also paid to communicating the updated strategy of accelerated growth published in the fall and committing the personnel to implement the strategy.

Incentive scheme covering all employees

Basware has invested in committing and encouraging its personnel by way of a bonus scheme covering the entire personnel. In addition, a new share-based incentive scheme for the group’s key personnel was announced in February. The aim of the plan is to combine the objectives of the shareholders and the key personnel in order to increase the value of the company, commit the key personnel to the company, and offer them a competitive reward plan based on holding the company shares.

R&D and Alusta

Basware’s research and development expenses totaled EUR 17 884 thousand, or 15.7 percent of net sales in 2012. The expenses increased by 8.5 percent compared to the corresponding period the previous year. A total of 351 people worked in R&D at the end of 2012, of whom 162 people in India.

The development of Basware’s next generation Alusta software in particular had effects on the R&D expenses for 2012. The Alusta technology launched at the beginning of the year brings together Basware’s B2B process knowledge with its cloud services optimized to ensure easy connectivity with the Open Network to companies of all sizes. The company’s next generation product suite is also strongly offered as a service. The Alusta technology supports Basware’s strategic transformation and will improve the company’s competitiveness.